Back to School

on Monday, August 12, 2013 10:00:00 AM

Back to School? Let Jotto Gear help!

It’s that time of year again; chaotic mornings and unnatural evening schedules becoming your new normal. School is starting.

Your mornings are hectic; your kindergartener doesn’t understand why it isn’t an option to go to school dressed as Ironman, your son has overslept, your daughter (once again) has claimed the bathroom as her personal domain, your husband left 20 minutes ago and you forgot to get gas on your way home from work yesterday.

Your evenings are stressed to say the least. Football practices, band rehearsals, parent/teacher conferences, it’s always something. You find yourself acting as a UPS coordinator; trafficking their every move until you are all together again. Then it’s come home from work, fix something for dinner, coordinate homework, set clothes out for tomorrow, prayers and bed…. Whew… Deep breath…You’ve got this.

The furthest thing from your mind is your home defense firearm. So, where exactly are you keeping it? In the nightstand? Under the bed? Behind the door? In the closet? Where are all three of your kids, again? I understand that firearm awareness; education and safety are great tools to have when you own a firearm, especially when you have kids. I grew up in a pro-gun household. I knew which drawers and closets were off-limits. In fact, as an adult, I still wait for the ”go-ahead” nod before I even touch any firearm around my father or grandfather. In fact, I was in my early 20’s; house-sitting for my grandparents, when something had me spooked. I called my grandfather and over the phone, he led me to one of his guns, insisting the entire time I was being a big scaredy-cat. I can’t begin to explain the feeling as I put that pistol in my hand…of how much trouble I was going to get in for touching his gun without him there. He heard the uncertainty in my voice when I told him that I had it in my hand, I heard him chuckle.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to use his pistol; but it was great that it was there should I have needed it. The Home Defense Cabinet by Jotto Gear can provide that same comfort that I experienced.  You would know your firearms are within reach, should you need them; however, out of sight for prying eyes and curious children.  Let’s face it; kids today have different influences and influencers (the power of social media is insane) than most of us did. Not to mention that the number of firearms stolen every year is in the hundreds of thousands (according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics)…that’s a scary number…wow… The Proprietary Biometric Security System lets you decide who gets access to the Home Defense Cabinet and who doesn’t. The Smart Gun Lock Head (an "anti-hotwire" technology) keeps your firearm locked-up. You can even program the Home Defense Cabinet to work with your security system. All of this is hidden behind a full-length sliding mirror. You don’t have to worry about leaving your firearm out and unsupervised, you can lock it up and forget it’s there until you need it.

Jotto Gear can’t help you with your daily routine, but we can help you not become a statistic.

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