Introducing the Manual Lock Home Defense Cabinet

on Monday, September 22, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Jotto Gear is a part of the “Own it? Respect it. Secure it.” initiative created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. This initiative was built on the firearm industry’s long-standing commitment to safety and has been developed to give industry members an ongoing platform to promote and encourage firearm responsibility. The shooting industry has a long-standing obligation to firearm accountability built upon decades of successful public outreach and education.

Together with Project ChildSafe and the National Shooting Sports Foundation Jotto Gear has worked tirelessly to provide firearm owners with options that help prevent accidents and unauthorized access to firearms. The goal is to raise community awareness concerning firearm safety and responsibility by encouraging firearm owners to practice safe handling and storage of their firearm.

Jotto Gear is proud to be offering a new version of the Home Defense Cabinet! Of course we still offer the original biometric unit, which provides quick access to a stored firearm using top of the line technology; however, our customer base kept asking for a non-biometric version.

You asked for it, so here it is...

We are pleased to introduce the manual locking Home Defense cabinet, that reflects the same responsible firearm storage as the biometric unit, but leaves the keys in the owners hands! It’s more affordable and we offer four different models to accommodate different needs. Our models come in two finishes: medium and unfinished. Units are ready to be shipped out, and aren’t currently on backorder – so get yours today!

Gun owners across the nation are taking more accountability and owning the responsibility of safe firearm storage. Together, our voices are stronger to reinforce an important message around the nation: Store your firearms responsibly.

Lock it up, don’t leave it out.

Home Defense Cabinet w/Manual Locks
Single Firearm Model - Unfinished Frame.

Part Numbers & List Prices:
430-0140 Home Defense Cabinet w/Manual Lock (Single/Finished)
List Price - $395.00

430-0141 Home Defense Cabinet w/Manual Locks (Dual/Finished)
List Price - $549.00

430-0142 Home Defense Cabinet  w/Manual Lock (Single/Unfinished)
List Price - $395.00

430-0143 Home Defense Cabinet w/Manual Locks (Dual/Unfinished)
List Price - $549.00

For more information, please contact your Sales Manager, Ashlee Napier at 800-979-3375 and visit


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